Public Relations

Dianne Dumanovic

With over 18 years of Marketing, PR & Brand Management experience across multiple industries, Dianne Dumanovic established Topknot Marketing in February 2020.

Offering an integrated and holistic approach to each client, Dianne provides bespoke solutions for businesses using a fusion of anything and everything that comes under the Marketing & Communications umbrella, from social media & content strategy, to influencer marketing, PR, marketing strategy, corporate partnerships/sponsorships, copy writing and more.

Like a typical European grandma who never measures her ingredients of her beloved dishes, Dianne uses the same methodology with her clients, intuitively using a pinch of that, a dash of that, lashings of this, to bake the ultimate dish that leave people wanting more and one that others will be envious of.

With a passion for helping small businesses, Dianne also encourages business owners to develop their own foundation and understanding of Marketing & Brand basics and offers a number of services to facilitate that, from Marketing & Brand coaching and mentoring to Canva workshops & training and more.

Current and past clients include the body image warrior/filmmaker/author Taryn Brumfitt, the HAS Foundation, Alison Maiden (one of Australia’s best known Psychic Mediums), Paws for Change, Tania Gaylor Photography, VisualCom. Yours + Mine Boutique and Grays PR where she worked on the Santos Tour Down Under & the National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant, amongst others.

And aside from the above, Dianne also has extensive experience in the racing, building and early childhood education sectors.

Outside of her business, Dianne is a busy Mum to three boys and enjoys keeping active, sneaky holidays away, being in nature and thrives in retail clothing environments, both in real life and online.

And as for the reason why her business is called ‘Topknot’? The reason is simple. You know that sh!t is about to get real when a girl puts her hair up in a messy topknot.