Discover Seven Days, A Better Way with Jodie Nevid the founder of The Seven Effect and leader of the Freedom Fest movement.

If you're feeling burnout or your business is not growing as quickly or easily as you’d like then you need to meet Jodie.

Seven years ago Jodie decided to quit her high flying corporate job and opt for a smarter way of working and living.


Make 6-figures a year
Work 3 days a week (Tuesday to Thursday)
Take School Holidays off
Travel overseas every year

And she did it!

In 2014 Jodie launched The Seven Effect and did over $164,000 in her very first year of business. In her second year she almost doubled that and made $279,000 and she’s maintained consistent growth ever since.

Today Jodie specialises in helping working mums quit their day job and turn what they love to do into a 6-figure business that sets them free.

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